Hello and Thanks for stopping by!i am Anna Mancheva, Bulgarian based graphic designer.
i’ve always been interested in shapes and colors.
i define myself as a graphic designer, but it’s not only that. I’ve been always dipping my toes into new
stuff, projects, ideas and push myself to the edge of my abilities, making one more step further.
i am obsessed with simplicity and minimalism. As Dieter Rams says: “Quiet is better than loud”.
i love the moment in my work, when I start new project, and I have to dive into your mind and find out
how you see things, what you like, and what will make you smile at the end.
i love books, movies, cycling, swimming, pasta, “Friends”, dogs, Aretha Franklin.
If you think I’m your person, please let me know how can I help. If I’m not, good luck with your project.